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On August 2, 1982 Ashland County Sheriff Detective Sergeant Glenn Sturgill was shot and killed while attempting to arrest 3 armed robbery suspects ( on his 30th birthday). One of those criminals is up for parole this September. Carl Davis was sentenced to 50 years in the Ohio Department of Corrections for his part in Det. Sgt. Sturgill's murder. Carl was responsible for sawing the shotgun barrel to make it concealable and purchased the sabot deer slugs that was used to shoot Detective Glenn Sturgill.

Dear Ohio Parole Board,

Please deny parole for Carl Davis #A172190. The family of Det. Sgt. Sturgill can no longer see their husband, father, brother, son etc. Timothy Sturgill was only 3 1/2 years old when his father was shot and killed in the line of duty by Davis's accomplice David Mullins. Det. Sgt. Sturgill did not go home that night, he never came home again, he never got to see his son Timothy lose his first tooth, he never saw him graduate high school. Or attend his wedding that was on 2/16/2019, instead of Glenn attending, a tribute video was played in his memory. Glenn's daughter Amanda suffered a lifetime of depression from his murder, she had just turned 9 years old six weeks prior to his death. Glenn's father Alvie had fought since that dreadful day to keep these criminals behind bars, Alvie passed away at 90 years old Janruary this year. We want to be his voice from this day forward. The family was deprived a lifetime of memories and has endured pain and suffering ever since.
If Det. Sgt. Sturgill can never be with his family again then the person who participated in taking his life from him and his family should not be given the right to be with his. Deny Carl Davis' parole because no cop killer should ever be released from prison. EVER.

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