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Government of Canada

On June 16th, 2012, The canadian government passed the omnibus budget bill, which allows U.S. law enforcement officers to come across the border and arrest canadians. This is not right. As a canadian, I feel that with this bill passed, civil rights will be breached and our very sovereignty in danger.

Furthermore, the Government of Canada did not take in the opinions of the people, who for the most part are infuriated with this bill. Although I do believe that criminals crossing borders to escape U.S. authority is a problem, those criminals are CANADIAN citizens and should be handled by CANADIAN authorities.

If we allow this to pass, Canada's future will be no better than if we lost the War of 1812.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to repeal the section of the omnibus budget bill which allows U.S. law enforcement officers to participate in cross-border operations to arrest Canadians on Canadian soil.

This is wrong and impeaches on the freedoms of canadians and the sovereignty of Canada itself.

Prime Minister Harper and the rest of the House of Commons have rushed this bill and did not consider the canadian peoples' opinions on the subject. This is not what the canadian governent was made for, and should be a government for the people, not for the U.S.'s wishes.

We are not american satellite civillians, we are Canadians.

We demand that the section of the bill which states U.S. law enforcement are allowed in canada be repealed, and that no U.S. law enforcement may ever have authority on our soil.

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