Community Board # 4
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Bushwick Ballfield is a vital part of our community in Bushwick Brooklyn. The past few years our park has been taken over by notorious gangs and thugs that have created a hostile environment for our baseball Little League and football programs.

We have witnessed everything from gang initiations to drug use and drug buys inside the park while our kids and coaches were present. The park is constantly dirty with garbage thrown everywhere including broken liquor bottles.

The two park entrances constantly smell like urine because its used as a public bathroom. Our members are being subjected to this on a daily basis and now its time to take our park back.

We the residents of the Bushwick community call on Community Board #4 and NYC Parks Department to keep Bushwick Ballfield locked until valid park permit holders use the field along with adding an extension fence on both the Knickerbocker and Woodbine entrance to help bring an end to the current illegal activity that is being committed there.

We feel this will help bring a clean, healthy and safe environment to our community children for years to come.

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