#Animal Welfare
Vista Sheriffs/Animal Control
United States of America

The morning of March 21, my dog Barbie, got out of our yard and was roaming the streets. Barbie does not have a history of any aggressive behavior whatsoever. She is a very loving sweet family dog, everyone who meets her automatically falls in love with her.

That morning our neighbors across the street felt afraid and felt that their lives were threatened and in danger because she was loose. They've made it apparent they don't like her soley because she is is an American Staffordshire and that it is in her nature to be mean and aggressive. I've tried time and time again to get them to meet Barbie one on one but they have always declined saying they would never and to keep her away and on a leash.

With that being said, they're filing a police report, contacting animal control and getting a petition signed to have Barbie removed from my home. He's verbally threatened the well being of my dog so I'm asking as a favor to petition the opposite and help me vouch for her.

Barbie, is already where she belongs and that's in a loving home with me and her family.

We, the undersigned, call to the Vista Sherriffs/Animal Control to let Barbie remain at her home.

She is a loving dog that is being soley judged off of the horrible stereotype her breed has been given.

She deserves the loving home she already has.

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