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Baby Riley died on 10/10/09 aged 8 days old from Necrotizing enterocolitis, he was buried at kingsdown crematorium on 21/10/09. On his burial plot he has a few items of toys and remembrance stones that are all safetly secured down and are of great sentimental value to Riley's family. Swindon borough council want these items removed to "maintain a green environment".

We Riley's family want Riley's toys and items to stay with him on his plot.They are all secured and in good taste all we ask is that they be allowed to stay on his plot so his mummy can come to terms with his death and deal with it in away in which she thinks helps, and that is by putting little trinkets on Riley's grave.

Please help and show your support for Riley and his mummy and maybe Swindon borough council may compromise with us.

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