Governor Leon Guerrero and the Government of Guam

Governor Leon Guerrero is actively working to bring an abortion doctor to our island. Research shows that abortions can cause physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harm to women. They also do not facilitate healing in the case of rape or incest but actually work to compound the pain. Moreover, over 90% of abortions done in the United States having nothing to do with saving the life of the mother.

Planned Parenthood says that their goal is offering health services to women, but over 90% of the services they provide are abortions. Their prenatal care is decreasing, they don't have mammogram machines, and they don't do cancer treatment.

Rather than using our tax dollars to bring out an abortion clinic, we need our governor to hear the people she claims to represent and fund things our island truly needs.




We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge Governor Leon Guerrero to stop seeking to bring an abortion doctor Guam and use that funding for more pressing needs.

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