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Toronto Transit Commission

In March 2008 the City of Toronto started to rebuild the overpasses that carry CN and CP Rail tracks across Finch Avenue East and Morningside Avenue and also reconstruct the roadways and intersection of the two streets. As a result of this construction, the TTC has had to divert buses on the 116 Morningside route until its completion in 2009.

As of January 5, 2009 the ‘temporary’ re-routing of the 116 Morningside bus was reversed to its former, although modified schedule. Northbound buses coming from Kennedy Station no longer proceed along Sewells Road, Littles Road and Old Finch Avenue. Instead, the route has been extended north to Finch Avenue and the Morningside Heights community, who currently also receive services from the 133 Neilson and the 39G Finch East bus.

The 39G Finch bus now covers the areas previously traveled by the 116 Morningside bus, but only during peak periods Monday to Friday and for a trial period. Residents coming from Kennedy station or those making the connection onto the 116 are finding this change most inconvenient as we are now forced to take two or more buses.

For this reason we request that the TTC revert to and make permanent the pre-January 2009 ‘temporary’ schedule which has been in effect since March 2008. The 116 Morningside would travel along the exact route we require, and would benefit many evening students and late night commuters.

We the undersigned request that the Toronto Transit Commission permanently change the schedule of the northbound 116 Morningside bus to include the detour along Sewells Road, Littles Road, and Old Finch Avenue.

We feel that the (modified) original schedule in effect does not meet our needs and hope that both the 116 and the 39G will continue its detour through the above mentioned streets.

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