#Human Rights
The producers of 'Mock the Week', the BBC and Katherine Ryan
United Kingdom

This petition is asking for an unreserved apology from the BBC and Katherine Ryan over offence caused to the Filipino people over a 'joke' included in ‘Mock the Week’ which was transmitted at 10pm on 13 June.

Katherine Ryan’s comment came in the final round of the programme called "Scenes We’d Like To See".

During this segment of the show the panel of comedians are given subjects or scenarios and must provide a comedic comment on them. The first one given to the comedians in this round was “Unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial.” Katherine said 'We don't test our cosmetics on animals, we use Filipino children'

There was no need for Katherine to mention Filipino at all, it has caused offence and we are asking for an unreserved apology!

Please therefore spend a few minutes of your time to read and sign this petition if you agree that it offended Filipinos especially our children...you are free to share and anyone is free to sign from any country. We are not forcing anyone to sign, its your choice and democratic right. Thank you

We, the undersigned, are asking both Katherine Ryan, the producers of 'Mock the Week' and the BBC for an unreserved apology for the offence caused whether intentional or unintentional to the Filipino people over a recent 'joke' by Katherine on a recent episode of 'Mock the Week'.

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