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Canadian Government (Provincial and Federal )

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is "Brain damage" it is a continuum of birth defects, caused by prenatal consumption of alcohol. Effects range from/ physical/cognitive/behavioral and or learning disabilities with life long implications.

FASD has attained World wide Recognition. With many Countries implementing the Requirement of Labeling of alcohol and providing Strategies of Support for the Children,youth, adults Parents and Care providers impacted by this disorder.

We are Canadian Parents, Families and Support Workers banding together trying to ensure Canada follows suit with implementing the same set of Guidelines, Regulations and Strategies.

Support The Kamloops Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Coalition, "Parents For Legislative Change Regarding FASD."

Support Bill C-532, An Act to Amend The Food And Drug Act (warning labels regarding the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may cause brain damage)
AND Bill C-569, An Act Respecting The Establishment Of A National strategy For Fetal Alcohol Disorder (for the treatment of fetal alcohol disorder and the delivery of related services).

Foot Note:
“With the prospect of an Election approaching Both Bills will Die, but can be re-introduced into Parliament after the Election. The Kamloops FASD Coalition will be proceeding with the petition as we stand firm on our belief of the requirement, necessity and the implementation, of Acts consisting of the same requirements stipulated and contained in [Bill C-532 and Bill C-569].”

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