#Maritime Preservation, Heritage, & Public Funding
Access Perpetual Public Funds via HB2379 & SB6185

The 1935 MV “Kalakala”, meaning ‘Flying Bird’, is a significant and iconic international, national, pacific coast, state, and local Puget Sound renowned maritime heritage treasure. She holds a nostalgic and magical place in the hearts of countless ‘Friends of the Kalakala’ today. “Kalakala”, is notable for her unique, one of a kind, stream lined style, art deco interior, and is still an infinite world renowned symbol of “Hope” as first introduced to millions of citizens during the 1930’s great depression and WWII eras.

She entertained her majesty the Queen of England, a song “The Black Ball Line” was written and sung by Bing Crosby and the Andrew sisters, and she provided her own “Flying Bird Orchestra” that entertained passengers during moonlight cruises. She served our state and international communities well and transported millions of cars, tons of cargo, and over 100 million passengers as a ferry within Puget Sound waterways between 1935-1967. She impacted local and national economies and quality of life within cities, such as; San Francisco, CA. (Former Peralta hull); Seattle, Bremerton, Port Angeles, and Tacoma, WA.; Kodiak, AK., and Victoria, B.C., Canada.

The Kalakala Alliance Foundation petition is seeking petition supporters signatures to help the Kalakala to obtain 6% of HB2379 & SB6185 funding. The State currently generates boat license fee revenues. And, $1 dollar from every boat registered in the State goes to a maritime preservation fund. The Lady Washington and Virginia V are already written within the new bills. The Kalakala Alliance Foundation is asking to share such funds by recieving 6% share perpetually.

We are asking our legislators to revise existing HB2379 & SB6185l; In part,

"On page 6, line 26,
after "succesor" insert ", six-percent of the balance of funds to the Kalakala Alliance Foundation or its corporate successor,"

"On page 6, line 31, after "successors" insert ", Kalakala Alliance Foundation and its corporate successors,"

"On page 6, line 36, after "If" strike "both" and insert delete "((both)"

"On page 6, line 37, after "successors" insert, ",Kalakala Alliance Foundation and its corporate successors,"

EFFECT: Provides that 6 percent of the fund balance will go to the Kalakala Alliance Foundation or its corporate successors, so long as it legally exists.

Access to Public Funding Petition:

We understand and support that this petition, and feel that the Kalakala, represents our maritime ferry system roots, and deserves to equil rights to such perpetual funds as that of the Virginia V and Lady Washington without the need to apply for future competitive grant processes in the future.

We support the amendments/revisions as as written and proposed by Kalakala Alliance Foundation regarding Washington State HB 2379 & SB 6185. By signing this petition, we support to add the seemingly small perpetual fund contributions needed to help the Kalakala & Kalakala Alliance Foundation from these bills, and we request our state Legislators to be in favor of and do pass the amendment to add the Kalakala to the bills.

To learn all about the Kalakala’s historic preservation efforts please go to: www.kalakala.org , www.selectcontracts.com , www.thekalakala.com , and SB#6185-2009/2010, HB#2379-2009/2010, RCW 88.02.053 links below:



RCW 88.02.053

To further support the Kalakala Alliance Foundation’s efforts please visit our link; Cash donations from the Donations form (https://secure.usaepay.com/interface/epayform/ceMF6uX6hJWtl5GYCPkP54V4D32T26
Fa/ ) will be deposited into Kalakala Alliance Foundation Save America's Treasures Trust Fund, which will be used as cash collateral to leverage bank loans to preserve the Kalakala, and the “Access to Public Funding Petition blog
(http://kalakalaorg.wordpress.com/2009/10/01/renewed-spirit-and-hope/ ).

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