Federal Minister of Justice, Ottawa, Canada.

In November 1981, 29 years ago almost to the day, a seventeen year old kid named Paul “Poncho” Henderson was found dead on the catwalk under the Centennial bridge in Miramichi, New Brunswick. And for 29 years his family have been denied both respect and justice in the loss of their son and brother.

From the time the body was discovered the police appeared determined to shrug this boys death off as some sort of accident or the result of misadventure. The head investigating RCMP officer at the time attributed the cause of death to a “fall” despite the fact that the body was positioned in such a way that no fall could result in and in a spot where there was nowhere to fall from. Add to that the discovery of this kids sneakers neatly placed about 50 meters from the body further along the catwalk. Paul’s family were poor…his mother, a single mom, was struggling to raise her 5 sons on social assistance.

The “lack of justice” system ran right over this woman and her family… they weren’t even given the dignity of being asked to identify the body of their lost son and brother and the funeral home where Paul was prepared for burial took the liberty of sealing the casket before the family even got to see the body. I doubt you or I would accept such disrespectful and hurtful treatment if it were our lost loved one.

We, the signatories of this petition, in the strongest words possible, call for a far reaching and transparent public inquiry into the murder of Paul “Poncho” Henderson and the actions of all law enforcement personnel involved in the initial investigation of Paul’s death with a mandate to:

1. Determine how the initial investigation was mishandled resulting in erroneous conclusions being drawn contrary to blatant evidence of foul play in the death of Paul “Poncho” Henderson.

2. Determine what, if any, preceding events or actions on the part of local law enforcement may have played a contributing role in the murder of “Paul “Poncho” Henderson.

3. To grant the family of Paul “Poncho” Henderson the justice and respect they have been denied for twenty-nine years as victims of a horrendous and largely ignored criminal offense.

4. Lastly, and most importantly, to begin the process of having the murder of Paul “Poncho” Henderson reclassified as an opened and active murder investigation and ultimately bringing the individual(s) responsible for the murder of Paul “Poncho” Henderson to justice.

“SPEM REDUXIT” New Brunswick’s official motto which stands for: “She restored hope”. This boy’s family deserve to have hope restored. What if it was your child?

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