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It was 11/04/2003 when the body of my nephew (My sister's youngest child and only son) Shawn (Robinson) White was found along the side of the road on State Road 234, In Indiana and what Montgomery County Police are calling a "Highly Suspicious Death". Shawn was just 23 years old. And we miss him dearly. After waiting this long, We Want Answers! We Deserve Answers ! Hopefully with a new Sheriff in charge now, we can get some answers !!!!!

We would appreciate you signing to help find out what really happened that night and to see that Justice will be served. We pray this kind of situation will never happen to you, or one of your loved ones. With your help we hope to bring awareness to our cause.

If you have any questions concerning this petition please email:

Shawn We Love You.
(April 14th, 1980)-(November 4th, 2003)

We are wanting signatures to keep this case in the public eye so citizens of this community do NOT forget. And hope to get this case solved soon. Thank you for your interest, your support and your kindness.

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