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Chico Police Department 1460 Humboldt Road Chico, CA 95928
United States of America

Our personal involvement in this issue began when a 9-year-old girl was molested by a friend of ours. We were shocked, and turned to the Chico Police Dept. for justice. They promptly took our report, then we waited. And waited. When we didn't get a phone call, and the perpetrator was not apprehended, we were incensed. Why wasn't justice being served?

It turns out our local police department is not only understaffed and underfunded, but also completely swamped and backlogged with cases just like ours. So much so, that it's unlikely many of these cases will ever see a courtroom, let alone see actual justice.

We are trying to change the law enforcement policy in our area, to allow for the immediate apprehension and questioning of sex crime suspects. We believe if he had been questioned, he would have admitted his crimes. Therefore, we wish to enact a mandatory 72-hour hold for sex crime suspects-- to have it treated equally to other violent offenses.

We are also hoping to give a platform and voice to other survivors, to share their stories and find hope and healing together. We know this issue is far bigger than us, and we need your help.

We, the undersigned, call on the Chico Police Department to change their policy to allow for the immediate apprehending and questioning of accused sex crime perpetrators.

We specifically wish to enact a mandatory arrest and 72-hour hold for sex crime suspects, to help reduce the risk of flight and potentially increase the number of confessions during questioning. This would mean nothing more than treating sex crimes like any other violent offense-- with prompt and appropriate response.

Additionally, we call for increased funding for law enforcement, specifically to hire more detectives for the Chico Police Department or to form a Sex Crimes Division, to respond to the gross number of sex crime cases waiting for response.

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