#Children's Rights
UK Westminster Government.

In 2014 over 23,000 sexual offences against children were recorded in the United Kingdom.

So of each day of each week during 2014 over 63 children were abused each day so that is 3 children per hour that are sexually abused.

Today we know of cover ups in Westminster of MP's committing sex offences against children and also of alleged murders of children by their abusers.

We also know that members in the House Of Lords and at the BBC and members of the Royal Family have been accused of sex crimes against children but these offences are never brought before a court of law.

There is only one way to stop this and that is to unite and tell these people their day is up and we want justice done and we want it done now so please sign this petition and by uniting together we may see justice being done and no more children being sexually abused by the people that we elect to protect over us.

We the undersigned demand a full enquire into the Westminster MP's and members of the House Of Lords involved in child abuse.

We also demand a full enquiry into the alleged sex offence's at the BBC and everyone brought to justice for their crimes against children and that they serve the maximum sentence given for such crimes.

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