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America has a murderer problem, people here are NOT afraid of being mass murderers because they have so much freedom here, because Americans value freedom so much they are against cruel punishments
SO are not afraid to commit crimes and will you ever guess why that is? In other countries they have little crime but here it is rampant NOW WILL YOU EVER GUESS WHY THAT IS? It is because other countries have some knowledge America needs to learn from. They say progress but they really digressed. They are fooling themselves and they need to make it right, this DOES require removing the law against cruel and unusual punishments in order to make it right and THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT RIGHT IS TO IMPLEMENT WHAT I CALL THE GUSTINGS TORTURE METHOD.
The Gustings Torture Method is to keep mass murderers bound, hold their feet to fire for 7 minutes, then hands, then crotch, then repeat only this time 7 hours instead of minutes, then give them 7 hours to sleep and repeat the process only feeding them scraps and the feeding is only to keep them alive so they can feel pain for longer. Thank you to the good people reading this who understand that as cruel as this sounds, it is necessary for evil people to suffer, for justice to be inflicted. Your signature for this petition as well as voicing publicly as best you can, for the cause so that mass murderers get more then just some slap on the wrist like they currently do. Imprisonment IS A SLAP ON THE WRIST. Death is too merciful, we need mass murderers to SUFFER.

We, the undersigned, demand that mass murderers suffer! Mass murderers shall no longer be given slaps on the wrist.

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