#Human Rights
Court of Protection and family law
United Kingdom

Lucy is 24 and has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning disabilities. She has minimum speech but is able to communicate her feelings with her behaviour. I want to share her story to let as many people know the frightening control the council have to make decisions on your behalf when you live under their care.

Lucy currently lives in a home that she has been conditioned to thinking is acceptable. I and her family know that she could have a much betterand she deserves it.

The problem is, as Lucy lives in a care home, her parents have no say or control over matters concerning their daughters life. Lucy has been deemed incapable of making such a decision for herself so the council have full control. Lucy is being denied the right to live close to her family and friends.

Please sign this petition by 1st September if you believe this is wrong to show support for Lucy and all other people with disabilities who are having decisions made for them without the support of their families.

We the undersigned believe that family should have a say in a persons life when they do not have the capacity their selves. At present decision making falls to the council but how can they know the person as well as the family?

By signing this petition your voice will helps us to prove to the court that the people want the law changed and that parents should have the responsibility of making decisions when their family member cannot.

Thank you.

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