#Human Rights
European Parliament , US Embassy

The unique case in Europe where the public beach is being kept blocked by force.

Nivice Bubar is a village located on the southern coast of Albania in the council of Himara.It is an autochthonous village with a history of customs and religions preserved from the early period.Residents of the village have been violated human rights for more than 15 years by depriving them of the right to their property located near the public beach Kakome.
In a place called Kakome, which is the inherited property of the residents of the village of Nivice Bubar, it has been approved to build a tourist resort without any agreement with the owners.
During these years, the residents have protested several times on their property and the police have intervened and forcibly removed them, where some of the residents have suffered serious physical and psychological damage.
With political support over the years this property is guarded by private police and surrounded by a fence , and a gate is placed on the road leading to Kakoma public beach, not allowing the owners to go to their property and the citizens to go to the public beach, and after that the sea was surrounded and no water vehicles were allowed.
This is one of the unique cases in Europe where the public beach which belongs to every free individual of this planet is being kept blocked by force.
Please establish justice by signing.

We, the undersigned ask for the help of the European Parliament and US Embassy to stop the violation of human and property rights that is being done to the inhabitants of Nivice Bubar village in Albania.

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