St. Louis County Medical Examiners Office
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Our mother was admitted to a local hospital on June 13th 2013. her main complaint was vomiting and pain in her lower belly. Within 36 hours the hospital told us our mother was brain dead. No tests were done to confirm this. We were told "let her go because she can't walk in the park like you or me." We as a family didn't agree and decided to give Mom a chance to prove to them that she was still there, and she did!

She was getting better, but Mom was not able to get a life saving operation for a kidney stone because somehow both of her legs were broken in the hospital. On top of that, mom had both kneecaps broken, her ankle shattered, her left shoulder dislocated and broken, her left shin broken, and a spiral fracture on her right arm; at one point a trach that they placed migrated out of her neck, and mom was deprived oxygen for 11 minutes and 30 seconds. The medical examiner in St Louis County, Dr Mary case signed off without an autopsy on Moms' death certificate saying our mom died from MS and complications from MS. All the evidence, both video and pictures, we have were ignored.

We are urging the medical examiner to look further into this case. We are urging the public to help us by calling the medical examiner's office and asking her to conduct a further, more in depth investigation including an autopsy.

On top of signing the petition we're asking the public to call the medical examiner's office at 314-522-1038, and ask her to please investigate this case. This could happen to your love one also.

Dr. Mary Case, please look further into the case of Janice Kay Michaels. If ever an autopsy was warrented, this one has alot of unanswered questions that need to be addressed.

Please include the evidence that the family has in your investigation. Basing your findings on the hospitals reports in this case is bias and unfair.

A life was lost forever, the family and the public should have faith that if their loved one dies without an actual correct cause of death, someone of authority outside of the hospital will investigate.

Please perform a FULL autopsy on Janice Kay Michaels.

Thank You.

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