#Human Rights
Attorney General Troy King, State of Alabama
United States of America

On February 25th, 1999, Desta Dodson-Byrd’s lifeless body was found in the driveway of her home, in Brierfield Alabama, by her husband Jody Byrd. Mrs. Dodson-Byrd was the victim of a single gunshot wound to the left temple of her head. She was a mere 29 years old at the time of her violent death. It was a senseless, horrifying end to an otherwise beautiful, charmed life.

Desta was not only a law abiding, tax paying citizen of the State of Alabama, but a beloved daughter, sister and friend. Her life was taken. Desta deserves justice. It is the right of every human being.

In the decade since Desta’s murder, the Alabama Bureau of Investigations has considered the case open and still under investigation. Though they have a suspect, an arrest has never been made. The case has laid dormant for nearly eight years. The citizens of Alabama and of the United States in general have rights.

We ask the Attorney General of The State of Alabama, Troy King, to consider this case a top priority. And to actively follow leads in an effort to solve this murder. It is the duty of The State to convict the person responsible, or at the very least, bring the suspect to trial. After all, Troy King has promised to protect not only our children, but our families in their own homes. Although we realize that the Attorney General’s office has outstanding cases, the citizens call out for justice and resolution of this murder. It has been long enough.

We, the undersigned, call on the Attorney General, Troy King, in the State of Alabama, to consider the Desta Dodson-Byrd case a priority, given that an innocent life was taken in direct disregard to the laws of our state.

We ask that Desta’s case be actively and passionately pursued, and become a top priority for the powers that be. We ask that this case be re-visited until the heartless murderer of Mrs. Dodson-Byrd is brought before a court of law.

We all want justice for Desta.

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