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It’s been just over a week since my brother was killed in a fatal accident by a reckless driver on the Kissonerga - Coral bay road.

Yesterday I visited the Paphos police station to speak to the sergeant in charge of the case and asked what the maximum sentence for involuntary manslaughter has been in his experience, in the past. I was shocked and disgusted to hear that a crime so serious and so hideous would only carry a maximum sentence of 4 years and may also be reduced for good behaviour.

I have also been informed that at the first hearing (this Monday) the person driving the car that ended Christian’s life was allowed to pay the small amount of €3000 to be released on bail! This is the amount the judge saw fit for the death of my brother! How much injustice can one family be put through? How much loss before something is done and the people to blame are made to pay for the crimes they have committed?

The driver endangered the lives of all of the people in the cars that he was overtaking and crashed into two innocent young boys killing one of them resulting in an ending no one would wish on their worst enemy.

This appeal/petition is to ensure that when this man finally goes to court to stand trial later on this year, and that if the case is proved, he is not let off with a light sentence. It is not for me to dictate the charges for this man, it is the role of the public defender to prove what happened that night but that doesn’t mean that I, we his friends and family should remain silent whilst we watch this case unfold.

The following charges should be considered: criminal negligence, reckless driving, endangering a number of lives, and manslaughter.

Please sign/react/share this petition to honour Christian’s life and to make sure that our voices are heard in court.

Sas parakalo upograpste tin aitisi pros timi tou aderfou mu.

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