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This petition is so that justice can be severed for Breanna Ritchie who was killed in a car wreck with the driver being RYAN Pirrello was driving twice the speed limit at estimated speed of 75 mph on a road posted 45.

He lost control in a curve killing Breanna Ritchie, 16 years old. He had trace amounts of drugs in his system but wasn't high enough to be charged with a greater charger so the max sentence he can receive is 5 years in prison. The least is probation. His lawyer is trying to get him the least.

By signing this petition you are asking that he receive the max sentence in prison of 5 years with no parole.

This is a small price to pay for taking a life !

We the undersigned are requesting that the Clermont County Judge Haddad that is overseeing this trial sentence Ryan Pirrello to serve the max sentence allowed, with no parole for the death of Breanna Ritchie once he is found guilty at his sentencing.

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