#Law Reform

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria

The Petition of John and Celia Denney of Kilmore draws to the attention of the House that we lost our beautiful daughter Anne Beatrice at 20 weeks gestation, yet her life and death have gone virtually legally unnoticed, that we were woefully ill-informed by medical staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital of what may well (and did) happen and that we have been deeply grieved that Anne’s death is not seen as even being worthy of inquiry by a coroner.

The verdict of “still-birth” is a stinging injustice, and devalues precious human lives, simply because that child did not take a breath.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

- recognise that the unborn of any gestation be counted as a road death reflecting the reality of that child’s life;

- provide that pregnant women who present at a trauma department be treated as two patients equally deserving of medical help;

- insist that the same justice extended to the born is extended to the unborn equally, even to a full coronial inquiry because a life has been lost.

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