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There are many people who are criticising animals in our Country i e. India ..as we can see in many parts of India, ther are many stray pets, we should adopt and give them home ...They need love , I choose this Petition : Justice for Animals because i think animals are always made with love by God , so they have their rights to enjoy their life peacefully as this World is also theirs.

Every day, countless cats, dogs and other animals suffer and die at the hands of the very people who are supposed to care for and protect them. Physical violence, emotional abuse and life-threatening neglect are daily realities for many animals. Their only hope is that a kind person will speak up before it’s too late.Animal hoarders are not merely people who have a few too many animals – they are individuals whose mental illness or compulsion can cause criminal behaviour with horrific consequences for animals, the hoarders’ families and their communities. Hoarders exist in virtually every community and include members of every socio-economic status, gender and education level. An increasingly common and disturbing trend involves hoarders who operate under the guise of being “shelters” or “rescues”. Hundreds of sick, starved, wounded, dying and dead animals have been found in raids of such institutional hoarding facilities.For everyone’s safety, it’s vital for law-enforcement officials and communities to treat cases of cruelty to animals seriously and to ensure that animal abusers are appropriately prosecuted and sentenced.
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Don't cage the Animals , Cage the Cruelty
Animal cruelty has no boundaries, whether through neglect or intentional acts of violence against animals. Statistically, regions of the United States facing economic and educational challenges tend to foster neglect and intentional cruel treatment of animals. This is where our Justice for Animals campaign rises to the challenge, to promote an environment in which just laws are enacted and enforced.

We are forging strong coalitions in the Deep South that incorporate law enforcement, judges, prosecuting attorneys, humane representatives, and citizens to impact county and municipal ordinances and state statutes on a grass roots level that comes from the heart of Mississippians. We work with law enforcement to share knowledge of animal law, provide guidance in investigating cruelty complaints, establish resources to address cruelty cases, and empower future generation of caring individuals as to how humans and other animals can coexist harmoniously to benefit all.It’s easy to feel despair when we hear about people who deliberately maim, torture or kill animals. But just as cruelty and cowardice are the causes of such behaviour, so courage and kindness are needed to combat it.
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