#Roads & Transport
Michigan Legislature
United States of America

Michigan's transportation infrastructure is crumbling due to the lack of proper funding. Michigan roads are consistently ranked as the worst in the nation. The gas tax has not been increased since 1997 (16 years).

Poor roads and bridges are reducing safety, damaging vehicles, and lowering on time deliveries due to congestion and delays. The cost to repair the roads increases substantially as they go from fair to poor.

If we do not increase the investment in our transportation infrastructure, it is estimated that the number of Michigan roads in poor condition will increase to 65% by 2018 (currently 32%).

The undersigned supports the immediate passage of legislation to significantly increase the investment in Michigan’s transportation infrastructure which includes roads, bridges, public transit, rail, aviation, etc.

Without additional revenue, Michigan's state and local transportation agencies will continue to delay hundreds of millions of dollars in transportation projects.

Infrastructure investment will create jobs and should be used as a catalyst for economic expansion. A vibrant Michigan is impossible without a quality transportation system crucial in moving goods and people quickly, safely and efficiently.

We support raising revenue through adjustments in vehicle registration fees, user fees on gasoline and diesel fuel, and through new funding strategies.

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