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As major InMe fans of both the music and the band themselves, it has come to our attention that InMe NEVER take any garment of clothing off in live shows, no matter how sweaty they get. The only time any of the three have taken anything off was when Joe Morgan posed topless in a gay magazine, oh great, so GAY MEN get the pleasure of joe's half-nakedness but the loyal inme fans, female, gay, and bi alike get nothing... unless of course we bought the magazine... which is easier for the gay and bi boys!

Of course we have other, selfless reasons for wanting to get inme topless/completely naked, following the interests of the band and NOT us at all:

-Health and Safety Reasons; What if their clothing were to cet caught and a fire broke out and they got trapped on stage, bound by their clothing, burning alive while everyone runs to escape their doom? what if they get a wedgie? my god they hurt. Imagine the embarassment of having to pull your underwear out of your crack in front of a hunfdred of your fans. They may also overheat in those clothes, and what if they got thrown out for some inexplicable reason? and they were all sweaty and it was cold? they would catch nemonia... and er.... the wet shirt would make it worse o_O

-It would be good for promotion; Some people only like inme for their looks, and hate the music, but I'm sure if they were to get rid of that clothing alot more fans would come, and it woulkd be in many magazines, winning inme some more fans.

-There are rumours of Dave being big-headed; Sharing would prove that he isn't. So share your body with us Dave! (c'mon greg does it)

There are many more reasons, but these, we feel are the most important, due to the lack of nakedness in the past, we would appreciate 1 naked tour, or 3 naked gigs as a minimum... London, Birmingham and Manchester. Or, if you insist, 3 tours of them topless, or a topless video, on an enhanced CD where we can watch it on our computers whenever we want.

Some people are taking this too seriously. Get a sense of humour please.

If you are tired of InMe constantly being fully clothed in public, please sign this petition, it for the good of the female and gay male fans and for the band's health.

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