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People are getting bored with the half time shows that the NFL have been putting out recently since the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco. Nobody watches the game anymore.

If the Jonas Brothers were to perform i can gaurantee and amazing turnout of the likes that the NFL have never seen before.

The Jonas Brothers are super hot right on the charts and the small screen and you can trust them to not pull anything stupid on stage. They would never do that to their fans.

Do you find yourself changing the channel or falling asleep during the Super Bowl Half Time show? Are you tired of seeing a bunch of old guys perform?

Well we here at Jonas Anonymous are, and we think we've got the answer. Let the Jonas Brothers perform in the 2009 Super Bowl Half Time Show!!! The NFL needs to get over the whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco and put someone on that we all actually want to see perform, and that's the Jonas Brothers.

Help make this Super Bowl the best one ever by signing this petition and getting the Jonas Brothers to perform in it.

We are die hard true to the core forever Jonas Brothers fans. Even though the Jonas Brothers are big stars they are still grounded in their beliefs and values, they totally love and appreciate their fans, and don't let being famous get to their heads. And for that we love them to.

check out the Jonas Anonymous fansite at: www.myspace.com/jbaa1

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