#Local Government
Johnston School District
United States of America

The threat to our children that began on Monday, Oct. 2 involving Johnston schools is still ongoing. A direct threat of violence towards our children has not been addressed to an acceptable level. There has not been enough clear information passed on to the parents of Johnston and there has been far from enough done to make us feel like it is safe to send our children back to a school that has been targeted with the threats by this sick individual!

The safety of our children is not something any of us would ever want to risk. This is not a matter to be taken lightly!

Signing this petition today will show that not enough has been done to assure us that our children will be safe.

We, the parents of Johnston, call for the Johnston school district to provide more information to parents and more security for our schools to assure our children's safety BEFORE RESUMING CLASSES AND RETURNING TO SCHOOL.

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