US Senator John Kerry
United States of America

John Kerry should release his full military service record to the public, just as he and other Democrats demanded that President Bush do. President Bush complied and his full military record was released to the public. Senator Kerry still refuses to allow his records to be released. All that is required is his authorization and confusion over the circumstances by which he received 3 Purple Hearts in three months and only spent 4 months in Vietnam - returning home to be discharged early from the military.

These are important issues that should and must be addressed and all rumors could be put to rest with the release of the full military record.

We, the undersigned, hereby request that Senator John Kerry release in full his military service record, just as Democrats demanded of President Bush.

President Bush has released all of his records and it is contrary to fairness to allow rumors to continue regarding your short service in Vietnam and the receipt of so many awards for so little time in country with no time lost.

Authorize the release of the records Senator Kerry - FAIR IS FAIR.

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