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 The citizens of Kingston, Jamaica are constantly facing problems with the public transportation system that is provided by the government. It has impacted Jamaica citizens tremendously. Jamaicans who depend solely on the public transport system has suffered the most from the neglecting acts of the government.

A law or regulation needs to be passed to elevate the standard of public transportation offered by the government in Jamaica.

Standards such as:

Clean buses on the route: On a daily basis unclean buses are sent to their destinations in conditions that are not up to par. The buses are adorned with garbage; often carrying an unbearable odor, infested with insects such as roaches, mosquitoes, ants, and spiders. The air conditioners often malfunction as well, whether it may be dripping water or it is not working at all, either way, the citizens are disgruntled. The law or regulation should state that buses must be inspected before they are rolled out for passengers to utilize their service, and if it is not in proper conditions for public use a penalty ticket should be issued.

Time Schedule: Time of the bus’ arrival and departure should be posted online, at every bus terminus and major bus stops or a software can be developed in the form of an application (app), allowing citizens to have mobile access to the bus schedule so they know when the buses are on route. The implementation of the number of buses that goes on a certain route at a specific time of day needs to be fixed. At times buses will be needed every five minutes in an area while at some point it will not be feasible to send the same amount of buses in that given time period in the same area because travel patterns differ throughout the day.

Communication: The system for effective communication also needs to be addressed especially when dealing with unfortunate occurrences. When citizens are asked to provide information, they are forced to remember a serial number that they are not familiar with as other vehicles in the country carry a license plate.

Please hear our cries and support this petition as this is a real issue Jamaican citizens face.

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