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Jack White produced and recorded "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit". It is a great live compilation of bands from Detroit and I want to hear more.

If you agree, PLEASE SIGN, for more great music.

Jack White of The White Stripes, of The Raconteurs, of Detroit, of Nashville, made this really great live compilation called "Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit" and in it he wrote "it's a shame we couldn't highlight all of our town's great bands".

Yes, it is a shame, but Jack White, you can make it happen. It's great music and if you haven't heard it, get it, and you will agree, it will leave you wanting to hear more of Detroit bands. Jack White, you once said you want to do as much as you can while you are here on earth.

Here's just another chance! C'mon, Jackie, we love your taste and want to hear more!!

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