Professional Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee
United States of America

Former Steeler defensive back Jack Butler deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Jack's playing statistics warrant his inclusion among the games greatest players.

His 52 interceptions and 10 recovered fumbles in 103 games constitute the highest recovered turnover percentage in NFL history.

His 46 years with BLESTO scouting should also easily qualify him for enshrinement as a "Contributor". Jack Butler's total 56-year body of work within the NFL is without parallel in it's history.

Dozens of NFL administrators, owners, former players, and Hall of Famers have written letters of recommendation on Jack's behalf. These people are professional football and consider Jack Butler to be one of the greatest contributors in it's history.

You, the current group of selectors, have the ability to correct a long-standing injustice by voting Jack Butler into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Please carefully consider all of Jack Butler's many achievements during one of the NFL's longest careers, and vote him into the Hall of Fame.

We, the undersigned, urge the NFL Hall of Fame selection committee to review the 56-year career of former Steeler defensive back, Jack Butler and vote him into the Hall of Fame as a "Senior" candidate.

Please compare his statistics with those of all other defensive backs in NFL history. Please review the recommendations of dozens of NFL administrators, former players and Hall of Fame members. Please consider his many achievements during 46 years in BLESTO scouting.

Please take all of this into consideration and correct the injustice that has prevented Jack from taking his rightful place with the games greatest contributors.


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