#City & Town Planning
Norwich City Council and The NELM Development Trust
United Kingdom

Re planning Application 07/00785/F submitted to replace the withdrawn 07/00271/F.

Thank you for those who have been supporting us in seeking amendments to the large care home and office building proposed for Ivy Road. So far we have helped to save the Norway Maple Tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Unfortunately there are few other changes in the new application, still at 94 beds with the same traffic congestion and fire engine noise concerns.

We are happy for a care home but request significant and substantial amendments.

We are very concerned about the proposed large scale of the development leading to increased traffic congestion along Ivy Road and Bowthorpe Road. This could have a serious impact for road safety, access and noise from fire engines needing to use their sirens.

We, the undersigned, are requesting that the care home be substantially smaller - 50 beds maximum allowing for improved road safety, access and less hindrance of fire engines. It should be set further back to be less over bearing.

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