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It's time to...... get AMPed! Save the Hersheypark Amphitheater with a commemorative show.

Throughout the years, thousands of people have traveled to theme parks across the United States solely for their resident shows. From the early 1980's to the early 2000's, Hersheypark didn't just produce SOME of the best shows in the country, they produced THE best shows in the country! Not even Disneyworld could compete. In fact, the resident shows were featuered in TIME MAGAZINE in 1990 as the top shows at a theme park!
With the audience being so close to the stage, the Amphitheater's shows were very intimate. The audience connected with those on stage. Spectators, as well as performers, have been filled with memories of excitement, happiness, hope, tears, and dreams. I have no doubt that all of this is possible to create again.

Allan Albert was the original producer for the park's resident shows. He brought a magic to the Amphitheater that no one has been able to duplicate since. Audiences were packed, and cheered throughout the show. People would come back to see the same shows many times throughout the summer. There are hundreds of people who yearn to see another Amphitheater show like the ones of the past.
In the early 80's at the age of 10, I watched the shows continuously for 15 plus years. I studied the very mechanics of the shows, and the formulas that made them so successful. It lead me to a professional career in the performing arts for over 20 years.

With all of this said, I have produced a show specifically for the Amphitheater to pay tribute to the performances that changed the lives of so many audiences, as well as performers. If this show cannot change the minds of the "higher ups" to keep the Amphitheater, at least let me put on a show for 1 summer reliving the shows from the past with the same look, feel, and excitement. It would be sort of a "farewell" show.

WHEREAS: The Hersheypark Amphitheater has been closed down.

WHEREAS: It is thought that the Herhsheypark Amphitheater will be replaced by another attraction.

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, sincerely request that a commemorative show, which has been specifically created to generate large audiences, can be performed in the Amphitheater for the summer. The show will kick off by paying tribute to all who have been performers, directors, etc by hosting a reunion for all involved throughout the years on the show's opening night.

This is an attempt to save the theater, and possibly continue to produce shows for it.
If there is no possibility of saving the theater......at least allow for the "tribute" show play there for it's last summer.

Remember, The Amphitheater has led to careers on Broadway, film, television, ect. It has also generated happiness and memories for years. No ride can ever do that.........

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