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He was Chancellor of the Exchequer for ten years under the premiership of Tony Blair, since then he has been the unelected Prime Minister. There is absolutely no escaping the FACT that Gordon Brown is directly responsible for the financial mess Great Britain is in Today. Brown also supports the anti British European Union, illegal wars overseas and uncontrolled immigration.

He is responsible for bailing out fat cat bank bosses with hundreds of billions of or pounds, while turning a blind eye to their greed, while many British home owners are struggling with their mortgages in this new age of negative equity.

There is not enough room here for us to list all of the reasons why Gordon Brown should go now. This campaign group is asking you all to write to your MP's. Write to them and demand that they call for a confidence vote in the House of Commons against this unelected despot Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown is an unpopular, unelected, uncaring, and unaccountable failure. While he swans off on his holidays this month, the UK is regressing in free-fall. It is time to let all the members of parliament know that we want him out, and we are not prepared to wait until next year.

We hereby demand that all members of parliament, both Upper and Lower Houses put aside their differences. They must set a Vote of Confidence in motion, then vote NO!

It is time for Brown to GO!

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