Kolter Property Company
United States of America

The current residents of the PGA Villages in Port St. Lucie, FL purchased their homes knowing there was no club membership requirement. Now the developer is building a recreation club and all residents will be expected to pay for the maintenance. We, the undersigned, feel this should be made a membership club whereby the residents who want to use this club will the ones who pay for the maintenance.

Mr. John Thompson
Kolter Property Company

Subject: The Island Club,
PGA Villages, Port St. Lucie,

There are residents of the
PGA Villages who will
embrace the concept of the
recreation this club will
offer, and will be anxious to
use it. However, there are
also many of us who are
not interested in this club,
and believe it is unfair to
subject residents, who
bought here knowing there
was not a club
maintenance cost, to now
be forced to pay for
something they do not want
nor do they need.

We the undersigned
residents of the PGA
Villages (Reserve)
respectfully request that the
pending Island Club be
organized as a
membership club in which
those who use the facilities
pay for the maintenance
and upkeep.

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