When the SEC filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon alleging that it operated as a ponzi, it sparked controversy throughout the industry. Chaos erupted among members both online and off.

A Federal Court Judge, Jill Parrish, signed the order to freeze assets, setup a receiver to hold the assets, restrict any business activities,

So many thousands of members are still waiting on the judges outcome? It's been several months since the court date and still no decision has yet to have been made.

Until this decision, members can't access their earned funds or continue trading.

Members of TM have been through enough, either TM must come to a verdict of guilty or not guilty, either way the judge should have made a decision by now as the waiting is simply not right and not just.

This petition is to ask Judge Jill Parrish to hurry up and come to decision so the thousands of members can have closure and move on!

We the undesigned, call on the Federal Court Judge Jill Parrish to finally come to a final court decision regarding whether Traffic Monsoon is a legitimate business or a. Illegal Ponzi scheme.

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