Governor Strickland and Attorney General Rob Cordray, Ohio and The Plain Dealer Newspaper
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On March 12, 1983, Sander Leach was shot and killed in the van from which he was selling vegetables on Cleveland’s east side. Arthur Tyler has steadfastly denied shooting Mr. Leach.

Leroy Head, on the other hand, has repeatedly admitted shooting Mr. Leach.
Within minutes, he told two friends that he shot the fruit and vegetable man during a robbery, saying the old man forced his hand by trying to pull a gun. Head told his mother he did it, too. She urged him to come clean.

So he told police he did it as well. And he signed a confession.

But it was not Head who was condemned to die.

Just before trial, Head struck a deal with prosecutors and fingered his co-defendant, Arthur Tyler, instead. Arthur has sat on Ohio's death row for 25 years for a crime he did not commit. Leroy Head was freed on Parole on 3 June 08, EVEN though he has acknowledged several times since that he was the triggerman after all.

On May 16, 1989, Head told attorneys Joanne Bour-Stokes and Richard Vickers that he had lied when he testified at Tyler’s trial and that he (Head) killed Leach. Head said the prosecutors threatened him at Tyler’s second trial that if he did not testify he would be tried for capital murder or sent to a less secure prison, with the prosecutor making sure the other inmates knew he was a snitch.

Time really is running out for Arthur.


Arthur Tyler has sat on Ohio's Death Row for 25 long years for a crime he did not commit.

Another man named Leroy Head has admitted on more than 5 occasions that he in fact shot the victim, Mr Leach. Leroy Head has been released from prison. Yet Arthur remains waiting for his date in Ohio's execution chamber.

This is wrong and Arthur should not be executed. We demand a full investigation into this case.

We need people to contact the Attorney General and the Governor of Ohio,



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