#Civil Rights
Jonesboro Police and Government
United States of America

Chavis Carter was a 21 year old black male stopped with two other white males in Jonesboro, Arkansas. When officers stopped the vehicle, they smelled marijuana. At this time Carter was handcuffed and searched TWICE! During the search, officers found a dime bag of marijuana, but are claiming to have missed a gun. Carter called his girlfriend and told her that he would call her once he got to jail.

The two other men were allowed to leave... and somewhere something went far left. Despite being left handed, handcuffed, searched two times and placed in the back seat of the car, police and Jonesboro authorities are claiming that Carter committed suicide by shooting himself with his own gun in the right side of his head. The officers on the scene claim they thought the gun shot was a piece of metal in the street that got ran over and that they found Carter's body in the back seat. Authorities have recently released a video showing how this could happen and have ruled his death a suicide.

There are so many questions that need answers...how was the gun missed during two searched? How did he manage to get the gun to shoot himself in the right side of his head, being handcuffed? Being left handed, why was he shot in the right side of his head? If he was going to commit suicide, why call his girlfriend and tell her he would be phoning her once he got to jail? How did the officers not know that that was a gun shot when it was that close to them?

Sign the petition showing Jonesboro Police that we don't believe their investigation findings and will not let the issue go. There are questions that need answers and we demand them. When is enough enough?

We, the undersigned, call on the Jonesboro police department and government to allow other jurisdictions to conduct a further investigation into the death of Chavis Carter.

We believe that the unanswered questions surrounding the death of Mr. Carter need clarifying answers. During this time, we also ask that the officers remain on leave and that Chief Yates steps down.

We refuse to be silenced by a city conducted reconstruction, autopsy.

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