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Between 1972-1991 abuse took place at Langton House in Dorser to which Children and adolescents were abused by staff.

The abuse that took place was physical, sexual and mental cruelty as well as the staff administering dangerous high levels of medication when not qualified to do so.

Between 1972-1991 the unit was ran by AMI Healthcare to which AMI Healthcare had failed in its lawful duty to provide a qualified GP to cater for those residents health.

In 1989 NAYPIC (national association for young people in care) had received complaints of abuse to which an investigation took place and the findings were passed on to AMI Healthcare who in turn ignored the concerns of the reports.

In 1991 Rosie Barnes (MP) compiled her Hansard report asking the Secretary of state permission for all residents of Langton House to give evidence into treatment.

Virginia Bottomley (MP) and minister for health stated that there are no plans for a full enquiry and that it is wrong for the accused to face questioning by the police.

Since 1972 there has been no arrests or any form of public investigation.

Between 1972-1991 residents of Langton House were being abused by staff at the unit.

Complaints to AMI Healthcare Ltd went unrecorded and never investigated by the police despite being reported numerous times.

The aim of this petition is to challenge the decision of Virgina Bottomley and for the rights of the victims to be able to give evidence in relation to the abuse with an attempt to have those who committed offences against children and adolescents who were under local authorities care to be brought to justice.

In the wake of the Jimmy Saville enquiry more and more victims are coming forward.

I need 20,000 people to sign this petition so this can be presented to the Minister of Health requesting the rights of all residents to have the lawful right to give evidence publicly and to have the offenders brought to justice.

It is important that this is done for the victims so the victims can have peace of mind knowing that justice has been done.

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