Rowan Ramsey Member for Grey; Prof Peter Hoj President UniSA

There is a need and opportunity for the University of South Australia to offer a teaching degree in Whyalla. This opportunity will address the critical skills shortage in the area of teaching, especially in regional and rural areas of South Australia, ( the Electorate of Grey) Teachers are of the utmost importance to the future of our society, and we believe and are concerned about the educational disadvantage faced by families and students, in Whyalla and surrounding areas.

We have a wonderful campus here, training country students who wish to teach, here in Whyalla will enable us to retain our teachers. It is important that regional students have more options of what, where and how they study. Retention of teachers (and young people) in regional areas is such an important issue.

We, the undersigned, strongly support the introduction of a teaching program at the University of South Australia, Centre for Regional Engagement, Whyalla Campus and Mount Gambier Regional Centre.

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