#Animal Welfare
Government of Mauritius.

As many of us already know, the MSPCA is not unfamous when it comes to apparent cruelty towards animals. The Directors of the 'Association de la Justice' have been pleasantly surprised to the effect that all this is false or at least partly untrue.

In fact, the committee is putting brains together to keep its name flying high.The petition is to encourage 'humane' treatment as the MSPCA is trying its level best to promote by setting up kennels regionwise. In this respect thereof, each ward will have its own kennel and have a proper and safe place for all stray dogs.Not only will it curb the stray dogs and dangers arising but also contribute to better ethics and consideration towards animals.

It starts with you! Join the cause now and be part of the history where 'dogs on death rows in paradise' is no more....

Under all reservations.

President- Sebastien D'avoine

Vice Presidents- Mary-Queenie Adam and Stephane Adam.

All members of Association de la Justice.

We the undersigned call on the Government of Mauritius to introduce foster homes for the preservation of dogs' lives in Mauritius.

Date of submission: 20 september 2013.

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