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“Lebanon must join Rome Statue and accept the jurisdiction of the International criminal court on its territory. It will deter the Zionist army from occupying Lebanon and committing war crimes, since then the ICC will have jurisdiction also on Israeli crimes against Lebanon, and the Zionist war criminals may be brought to international justice in Hague. In addition, Israel will be demanded to compensate Lebanon.
In addition, it is the best way to cope with Hezbollah. Maybe the government of Lebanon has no power to disarm Hezbollah, but it has power to deter it from committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Uri Weiss
International Lawyer,
from Tel Aviv University, Israel

We, the undersigned, agree with the following statement:

"Do encourage your governments to ask Lebanon to become party in the Rome statute, so as the crimes committed by Israel can be indicted and the responsibles be judged by an international criminal jurisdiction"

Sana Ouechtati
International Lawyer
from Tunis University, Tunisia

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