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New Paltz Superintendent of Public Works
United States of America

The relevant streets in the Cherry Hill neighborhood in resemble the map below:

J || || C H
O || || H I
A || _________________**|| E L
L || HOLLAND LN. ||** R L
Y || || R
N || || Y

The residents of this neighborhood have reported feeling unsafe at the marked (**) intersections (both ends of Cicero Avenue and the Cherry Hill Road access to Holland Lane). Drivers use high speeds on these back roads and have no legal reason to slow down when turning the narrow corners. Many of us have felt endangered as pedestrians, drivers, or both. There are students walking to school and families with children in this area. Residents have contacted the New Paltz Police Department in regards to increased patrol in the area, but this has not led to a decrease of the issue. Installing stop signs (such as those on the southwest end of Tricor Avenue, New Paltz [see linked image]) would reduce speeds and protect the members of our community.

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition on behalf of the Cherry Hill Neighborhood residents to the New Paltz Superintendent of Public Works to install two-way STOP SIGNS at the intersections of CICERO AVE & CHERRY HILL RD and CICERO AVE & JOALYN RD stopping traffic around two ninety degree turns. We also do hereby petition for two-way STOP SIGNS at the corner of CHERRY HILL AVE & HOLLAND LN stopping south- and north-bound traffic. We want to slow the speed of traffic to protect our residents and reduce accident potential in the neighborhood.

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