#Human Rights
Casey/ Cardinia Shire Councils and Metlink

There has been too many teenage suicides on these tracks in the last few years and so many more that thankfully were prevented.

Students from Narre Warren to Pakenham are aware of their friends who have taken their lives in spots along the railways at Beaconsfield/Officier that are now even well known to police where they go to take their own lives.

We need to have fencing installed or some other drastic measure place along the lines to prevent our beautiful children from taking their lives. So many deaths and its all over the news, newspapers and thought out the community.

We the community, the parents, the family and friends,the hurt and grieving of the ones already lost, the teachers, the workers and businesses of our local shires in Casey and Cardinia need to band together and stop Teenage suicide in our areas.

So we need your help to sign these petitions to have fencing installed along the areas of concern where teenagers are taken their own lives.

Its your help we need to help these children. Please help us save our children from railway suicide.

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