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Northern Ireland

ItsAlexClark is a popular YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers as of recently.
He makes animated videos and vlogs but he also likes to go on tour and preform for his fans and people who are interested. He mainly preforms in the US but recently tweeted saying he might come to the UK, which probably means England, which is cool but I would love it if he came to Northern Ireland, and so would the other people who live here and are fans of his channel or fans of live tours in general. This might seem childish and unimportant but I, along with many other people, love watching his content that he works hard on and I would like to see him tour more places, including Northern Ireland. Please help make this happen by signing my petition. Your signatures are greatly appreciated.

I am a massive fan of ItsAlexClark and there are many other people who watch him and like his content in Northern Ireland, a part of the UK. I would really love it if he could come and preform here. Please help me reach my goal and show Alex that he has fans here that would all want to see his acts. Thank you!!!

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