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The Inheritance series is a collection of 4 books. The main characters consist of a young farm boy named Eragon and a young dragon called Saphira. The two of them meet when Eragon finds her egg in the Spine; a deadly woods. He ends up becoming a young dragon Rider and goes through a series of life threatening adventures to seek revenge after his uncle who was murdered and finds the passion of his life. He becomes an elf-man and a dragon trainer. He becomes what the world needed. A protector. The books were written by the known author Christopher Poalini who started writing the books at age 15. The books have become popular and there has been a movie made.

We, the fans of the Inheritance Cycle, seek the New Line Cinema, Producers of the Lord of the Rings, to recreate the Inheritance Cycle movies. We seek this because the movies are as spectacular as the well known Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. It is a Series that would inspire awe in the souls of many people of all ages. Yes, there has been a movie, but it was not done well and was trying to fit four spectacular books into one movie. The movie itself was very terrible, and was only okay if the books have not been read. We ask of you and the Director Peter Jackson to make these books come to life, and ignite a flame in our hearts. And I, myself would be pleased to help in the making of the movies, such as being a voice actor or one of the characters. But in making these movies, we promise you they will bring you lots of money, for the books are very popular and well loved.

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