A young man with a life ahead of him was brutally murdered by a bunch of ruthless teenagers with corrupt parents in the department of Justice . He was beaten by a gang of teenagers from capricorn high at polokwane . He died shortly after . These kids should be jailed according to their crime not their age. The were recorded saying " I don't feel gulity , and I'm not scared , I know that my father will not let them do anything to me " . There are more kids everyday who kill to be feared by their kids and also because they know that the law will be in their favour because they are minors...This must stop....Just because you are young does not mean you must do the unspeakable...Taking a life is wrong especially in the hands of teenagers , the youth , the people we are depending on , we expect them to be a better version of our ancestors but they seem to be worse , they are abusing their rights and it must come to a HALT

We , as the south African youth , should sum up the the courage to fight against violence by kids we should stand up for each other and protect each other...with the help of other south Africans we can achieve this milestone

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