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Music is an art form that has greatly impacted and brought together young people all over the world. For the Glendon community, it is a great way to network, express oneself and unwind after a stressful day, develop and refine skills, and so much more.

This increase in our levy will allow us to offer more professional development opportunities not only to students of Glendon, but to high school students in the area through internship, residents through volunteer work, musical contributors, guests, etc.

We hope to increase our levy from $0.17 cents to $0.90 cents, which will allow us to further serve the Glendon community but in a bigger and more impactful way.

Whether you tune in, host a show, are a part of the executive team, or support Radio Glendon -- our goal is for the Glendon community to get the most use out of Radio Glendon by hosting fun/educational events, providing workshops on DJing and being a radio host and providing professional development opportunities.

Radio Glendon is asking for your help and support to raise the current $0.17 levy to $0.90 in the efforts to give York University students access to more creative opportunities.

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