Objective 3 on page 28 of the "Help Document/Policy entitled 'Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan' of 2006, states that "Food and drink provided on the school premises includes not only food and drink brought to school by students but also all the food and drink sold in tuck shops, vending machines or offered on the school premises. Food in school also includes food and drink provided during school events and extra curricular activities and samples of food and drink distributed in school by commercial companies. The challenge is to ensure that all this food and drink reinforces and reflects the healthy eating messages outlined in the curriculum. Schools are to promote healthy food and healthy lunches throughout the school day as part of a balanced diet and prohibit the promotion of other options." It adds that "food eaten at school provides a significant proportion of our youngsters’ nutritional intake and may be high in fat, sugar and salt. Tuck shops and vending machines add to food choices available in school and they are key areas for improvement. Research conducted by TASNE concluded that the most common items sold in tuck shops are the ones which go against the daily recommended allowance made by the World Health Organisation."

We, the undersigned, call for Mcast canteen caterers and vending machine operator/food provider to eliminate or diminish the sale of the current unhealthy food and provide with a variety of healthier options, including vegan options. We also encourage the provision of plant-based milk.

By healthier options it is meant food and drinks with low salt and low sugar content, of low saturated fats and gluten free. These can be healthy sandwiches (ideally made with brown bread) and ciabattas, a salad bar, fruit bowls, yogurt like kefir, oat cakes and rice cakes.

We would also like to have no sugary drinks in the vending machines, more packets of nuts, and vegan options like vegan cookies and vegan protein bars.

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