#Animal Welfare
Alcalde Ramon Luis Rivera, USDA, Governor of Puerto Rico
United States of America

Primates, jaguar, raccoons, deer, hippopotamus, alligators, and other animals are being kept in primordial cement slab habitats.

For more information on the citations, please visit: http://www.wildlifepimps.com/ParqueDe.html

For pictures of these animals and the deplorable conditions in which these animals are being kept, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/pranimalhelp and click on the photos link at the top of the page.

As a concerned animal advocate, I, along the undersigned concerned public, call upon Mayor (Alcalde) Ramon Luis Rivera:

- To investigate all the claims that have been brought about the conditions that these animals are being kept in.

-To investigate why el Parque de las Ciencias's zoological portion remains open when they have failed to meet even the most minimal of federal standards as required by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

-To investigate why the zoological portion of the park remains open when the Parque de las Ciencias has been repeatedly cited for:

It's inability unable to provide adequate food or water sources for the animals.

Its inability to provide enclosures that are clean and safe for animals to live in.

Its failure to provide public barriers keeping the visitors from being able to come in contact with the animals.

Its failure to provide environment enrichment to its primates, including failure to provide proper social groups for primates.

-To investigate why park staff have been able to hand-raise a capuchin monkey within their home and failed to mention this to the USDA.

Above all, We the undersigned ask for Mayor (Alcalde) Ramon Luis Rivera:

-To work along el Parque de las Ciencias to establish appropriate and natural habitats that will allow enough space (as required by law) for each individual animal to be able to live in adequately with enough room to move and exercise. The use of bare cement slab cages and enclosures is unacceptable.

-To work along el Parque de las Ciencias to establish whether or not these animals are receiving sufficient social, mental, and physical stimulation.

-If this is not possible, we call upon Mayor Ramon Luis Rivera to order the immediate closure of the zoological portion of the park and to send the animals to sanctuaries in their native countries or to establishments that are more suited to attend to these animals and their welfare.

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